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Oxtails with Rice, Lima Beans & Corn


The Anointed Story

Anointed BBQ & Soul Food is an authentic soul food restaurant that will take you on a culinary explosion of flavor every time you dine! Founded in 2016 by Marriese "Mo" Jones, Anointed specializes in southern cuisine prepared fresh daily. Anointed Chef Mo shares with the world his love and passion of cooking, never forgetting the responsibility that his grandmother, Maggie Jones passed onto him, to care for others.

The young Mo learned to cook from his grandmother in her kitchen in a small town in Miami, FL. Continuing now with her legacy, Mo treats every guest in his restaurant just like his grandmother did when they entered her homr and were in need of love, care, and family. Mo serves up food and love to nourish the body & the soul when guests enter Anointed. However, to know something of Mo, you must first learn something of the legendary Maggie Jones.

Maggie Jones was born in 1925 in Alabama. During her life she took great pride in her vocation as a laborer and housewife. Married to her soulmate "Boy" Jones, together they worked and raised a family in Southern Alabama. Her care for others was common talk among alland Mo tells a story of how one mornin, as a teenager, he awoke only to find that his grandmother had given away his brand-new shoes to a homeless man. As Mo was upset, Maggie instructed him that this man had no shoes and he had many to spare! Maggie loved her family unconditionally and welcomed everyone regardless of race, color or creed. As the matriarch of a family of 17 children, she instilled values of a strong work ethic, yet cared for the small details of life, like making sure to have Mo's favorite cornbread ready for him every day after school. Maggie's 47 grandchildren, 111 great grandchildren, 99 great, great grandchildren attest mostly to her great LOVE. Mo's tribute to Maggie lives on in the food you're eating! Mo was given a vision of owning his own restaurant "Anointed BBQ & Soul Food" in 2003. Working 3 jobs for 13 years, Mo never gave up on his dream, passion & calling!


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